Software Testing

Eirtight’s software testing team works in two major ways with our clients. Usually, the team is engaged in the product testing of the software solutions that we design and build for clients. However the team also proves a software testing service which is de-coupled from our system development service. In other words this team can be engaged to provide dedicated testing services on a product or project which has been created internally in your company or by a third party.

Outsourcing your testing programme or part of it has several significant benefits. Outsourcing is more cost-effective than hiring contract testers. Our experience shows that there is a difference of approximately 50% in the current software market. Often there are crunch times in projects where extra staff are required for a number of months and some burst capacity is require, and Eirtight can provide such a service, as needed.

Eirtight’s testing team is adept at handling functional testing, regression testing, acceptance testing, compatibility testing or GUI testing. All forms of software product testing rely on a diligence and an attention to detail and Eirtight delivers this.