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Eirtight is an award-winning web and mobile technology and software development services provider. We have bases in Dublin and London, from where we partner with clients in over 30 countries to deliver solutions that enable them to do business more efficiently and at lower cost.

We are a leading Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner and a member of their inner 'Azure Circle' which recognises the quality and sophistication of the solutions we build. We've deployed these innovative solutions all over the world and have generated millions in savings and directly contributed to saving hundreds of lives in countries such as Haiti.

The quality of what we do is so consistently high due to our laser-like focus on ensuring detailed processes are put in place around every project we are engaged on. As a result we are experts at being able to deliver where other providers have failed.

Our team is our single greatest asset. We hire only the most exceptional individuals - intelligent, technically gifted and with uncompromising attention to detail. This is reflected not only in the quality of the software we design and build, but in the enthusiasm our clients have for the members of our team they engage with.

All of this is summarised in our mission statement, which is simple:

To build outstanding technology solutions that are intuitive and accessible."

We believe that technology should enable rather than restrict your business. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring successful project delivery and building client trust. We build long-term relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers and employees and have broad industry knowledge and experience with a particular focus on the Media/Marketing, Telecoms, Financial Services and Technology sectors.

When you have a challenging technical problem, when you can't afford to risk system down-time or failure, or when you need a team you can rely on to deliver a solution that has the flexibility to adapt and grow as your business needs evolve, talk to Eirtight to see how refreshing it is to have a technical partner who you can trust. We love what we do, and we know that you'll love what we can do for your business.

Why should you choose Eirtight as a technical partner?

We believe the best way for you to understand the value that Eirtight can add to your organisation is by asking our existing clients what they value most about Eirtight. We've done exactly that - here is a summary of the feedback we received:

  • We have in-depth industry and technical knowledge and the ability to match these two to provide solutions that provide quantifiable results.
  • We understand their business and have a track record of delivery on mission-critical projects.
  • We recommend best-fit technology that helps them achieve their business goals and gain competitive advantage, rather than just advising on the latest technology innovation.
  • We can provide references from people they know and trust in their industry, lowering the risk of engaging us.
  • We always deliver on our commitments.
  • We provide good value and help them to justify project costs with return-on-investment calculations.
  • Our technical and client support is highly responsive and effective.
  • We are happy to take on projects internal IT can’t or won’t, thus helping to achieve business priorities that would otherwise be more difficult.
  • We are more effective at delivering projects than if they built an internal team.
  • There is a low management overhead associated with engaging us.

We are always happy to refer new clients to our existing clients for references, and the testimonials on the Our Clients page provide a summary of how many of our clients view their engagement with us.

So we've looked at what our existing clients think about us. So what can you expect when you choose Eirtight as a technical partner?

  • Increase Competitive Advantage
    We will work with you to understand areas of your business where technology can help to increase your competitive advantage and ultimately help you become more profitable.
  • Improve Productivity and Efficiency
    We understand the importance of relating all spend on technology with corresponding business benefit it will achieve, over and above any 'nice to have' features.
  • Lower Risk
    Cloud technology adds additional layers of redundancy and security quickly, thus reducing business continuity risks posed by IT system failure.
  • Industry Knowledge
    As an experienced team, you can be sure that we can be trusted with mission-critical systems and projects. We can provide case studies and references from industry leaders in a number of sectors.
  • On-target Delivery
    Eirtight has delivered hundreds of projects around the world, ranging in complexity and varying in size. We are committed to delivering effective solutions on-time and on-budget.
  • Responsive Support
    We have deployed, maintained and supported solutions in over 30 countries, and the quality and responsiveness of our support has been key in ensuring our clients have been satisfied with the project and continue to rely on us as their preferred development solution supplier.
  • Good Value
    The cost of a solution is secondary in importance to the value that it delivers. Eirtight is acutely aware of the need for any solution we develop to help our clients achieve their business objectives more effectively. A key goal for us is to provide a high return on investment quickly.
  • Low Management Overhead
    We understand the time constraints our clients are constantly under, and we strive to minimise the need for you to spend any more time with us than is absolutely necessary in order to ensure the successful delivery of the solution.

The key to a successful development methodology is simplicity and effectiveness. Our software development models offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced lifecycle and cost versus traditional employee/contracting models.
  • Increased return on investment, visible quickly.
  • No requirement to purchase expensive software licences or other capital outlay items.
  • Expert in-house knowledge and understanding of Microsoft products.

Eirtight uses a combination of both Agile and traditional development methodologies for software development projects. The Microsoft Solutions Framework is employed for developing and managing software projects from conception through to implementation.

Usually, this means that we break a software project down into manageable pieces which are allocated 3-4 week long "sprints". At the end of each sprint we present the completed software requirements to the client for review. At this point the client gives us feedback on areas to improve and change based on their growing understanding of how their business solution is becoming a reality.

We also work with detailed specifications that have been developed prior to project commencement, as we find this delivers a cost-effective solution while allowing for changes to be made during the development process.

We find most experienced business managers need to be able to visualise a software solution before their real intellect and experience is drawn out to improve the solution. Therefore we repeat the cycle of Define, Create, Review until such time as the software solution is what the customer needs. Often, the finished product is different from what the client thought they needed initially.

It is this process of allowing the software developers and business managers to get together in a structured and regulated way which ultimately delivers the key benefit in an Eirtight software project. This process is always facilitated by an experienced project manager who is skilled in getting the best out of this opportunity.

We use Microsoft Project and our own internal project management and customer support tools for managing projects.

Eirtight can offer a fixed-price or time & materials-based quotations for software development work, depending on client requirements.

There are typically four options for how we engage with your business, depending on your requirements:

  • Outsourced Development Resource
    This option is most suited to organisations who have an existing development team that lacks specific skills or resources. We can provide one or more developers with experience in whatever skill sets are required and you manage the resource, code delivery and all other aspects of the project internally. Our resources effectively become an extension of your existing development team.
  • Managed Outsourced Development Resource
    This is the same as option 1, but rather than managing the resources we provide to you, we are responsible for managing the developers, the code they deliver and/or any other aspect of the project you require us to be involved in.
  • Fully Managed Resources with Knowledge Capture
    This includes everything from option 2, but also includes the capture and documentation of project knowledge, which is defined with you prior to development beginning. The main advantage of this is that where outsourced resources are engaged, after the project is completed the developers involved may move on to other projects or become otherwise unavailable for future projects for that client. By capturing and documenting the details of the project in a comprehensive way, as we would in a fully managed project, development resources that are engaged in the future can get up-to-speed with the history of the project quickly. This results in major time and cost savings to the client over the long term.
  • Fully Managed Project
    This is our most common project engagement. Eirtight will work with you to ensure the specifications for a project are understood and agreed by all parties. These are then comprehensively documented to a sufficient level so as to minimise the possibility of different interpretations of requirements being made by different parties. We will then develop the solution using the most appropriate development model (agile, waterfall, etc.) and regularly communicate with you to ensure delivery is made on time and on budget.

We have a simple philosophy here in Eirtight - great people deliver outstanding solutions. This philosophy is the foundation upon which our team is built, and the results speak for themselves in the world-class software solutions we deliver.

In 2015 Eirtight evolved to support the complex business transformation challenges faced by our clients. New global partnerships in USA and Bolivia along with the recruitment of experienced CEO Ian Beckett provides renewed focus on driving the business to the next level with the ongoing support of the founders, ultimately enabling our clients to meet the competitive challenges they face.  


Eirtight has an innovative partner programme that enables your business to exploit our extensive resources and experience to provide a specific business/technical service to your clients, or expand your general service offering.

We have partnered with other leading technology companies such as Microsoft, cInfinity and Ascentn and can provide whatever resources you need to quickly scale up to meet specific short/long-term project requirements.

Eirtight offers three types of partner relationship, depending on your circumstances and requirements:

Independent Consultant
Generally, this type of partner operates in a single horizontal or vertical industry sector. Eirtight becomes a strategic partner to complement their existing specialist skills. The client benefits from the broader service offering available from their consultant, who becomes a trusted single point of contact for the delivery of a larger-scale solution.

IT Services Vendor
This type of partner is a business or organisation that supplies specific IT-related products and/or services. They are looking to increase their service offering so they can cross-sell their core offering to a wider market, or meet the increased demands of their existing client base. Eirtight becomes a strategic partner, thus allowing them to scale their offering either generally, or as part of an individual project or client engagement.

Systems Integrators
Systems Integrators usually have a very clearly defined service offering of expertise in a specific industry or product. Projects are usually large, complex engagements that span multiple areas of the client organisation, often over an extended period of time, with teams of consultants and field experts delivering a solution to a defined issue/issues. Eirtight can be a valuable strategic partner to such organisations, allowing them to offer a more comprehensive service to their clients without dedicating high-value in-house resources to non-core technical integration work. Eirtight can offer a range of specialist services depending on the project and client requirements, and has extensive experience in partnering with such organisations to deliver complex projects on time and on budget.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an Eirtight partner, please contact us today.


Eirtight takes our corporate social responsibilities very seriously.

We have formed close links with local universities in both Dublin, Ireland and Brasov, Romania, where we have a graduate internship and training programme which offers suitably qualified graduates paid work placements with further training and ultimately employment opportunities for the most outstanding candidates.

We have also sponsored local events in both Ireland and Romania, and donate time to student and community business development projects regularly.

We are environmentally aware, and have implemented Reduce, Reuse and Recycle policies wherever possible in the organisation. We also focus on minimising energy use by turning off computers, lights and other electrical equipment when not in use, and switching to renewable energy providers where possible.

Finally, Eirtight works with a number of charity and voluntary organisations, both in Ireland and overseas, and offers reduced rates and discounted service fees for such clients. Examples include the St. Vincent de Paul in Ireland and Voila Foundation in Haiti. We also support a number of community and youth hospitals in Romania.


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